Goddess Cleaning Group has grown into a work platform that supports many families as they write their story and create a viable future for happiness. This initiative may have started small, but with the help of some truly dedicated partners, it has blossomed into something beautiful and empowering. 

These businesses that work with us as our partners support our vision of work platform for individuals. They help us to power much-needed change in the cleaning industry and how these skilled individuals in this capacity are perceived. The cleaners, the individual people who make a clean and fresh space for others, are dedicated people who know how to function in a workplace setting while they work absolute magic with their cleaning abilities. Cleaning is not an easy job. 

Our partners are part of the process, assisting us with their various skills as we empower and upskill individuals to step into the business world as confident and capable cleaners. We’re deeply honoured to be part of such a caring community. These companies have been incredibly generous with their time, resources, and dedication to our cause.