The Hands behind the Results: The Love of the Team

Many team-based workplaces like to say there’s no “i” in “team”. In our workplace, we have flipped that idea upside down. 

For us, it’s all about the individual – empowering, inspiring, and nurturing because that is what our team members need. Once that sense of self is nurtured, we have a stronger and happier team that creates immaculately clean premises for businesses and individuals, giving us a leading reputation in Australia. 

As a supporter of the disadvantaged, we hire people who need a hand-up. It’s not charity, each person is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to deliver excellence, alongside the relevant soft skills to make them a pleasure to have around. 

Each member of our tribe is deeply valued. We invest greatly in our tribe’s sense of belonging and self-worth. This is how we cultivate an exceptional work ethic because this is more than a job, it’s a passion. 

By investing in the happiness and success of our team, we inspire dedication to excellent customer service and guaranteed results. 

Please see a map with our team members’ location and the regions that we service, below. 

Our founder – Stacey Barrass

When Stacey became a single mum almost a decade ago, she knew she needed to find work to support her and her boys. She picked cleaning because she thought it would offer her the work life balance to bring in an income to support her family and be there for her kids.

However, finding a cleaning job that cater to single mothers was not as easy as she thought it should or would be. So instead, she bundled up her  attention to detail, strong work ethic and can do attitude to start her own cleaning business.

Tapping into her background in HR and administration, Stacey recruited people like her, who were looking for a job that would give them peace of mind, time for their family and a regular income.

Stacey’s approach to business and people saw her win a coveted business award in 2019. Using all her skills and business nous, she has drawn together a professional team who share her vision and approach to cleaning. 

Connect directly with Stacey –

Meet our Co-odinators

Eastern Suburbs
Agnes – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Alejandra – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Ami – Commercial Co-ordinator
Jodie – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Kat – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Kellie – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Leeanne – Commercial Co-ordinator
Leigh – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Sarina – NDIS & Commercial Co-ordinator

Northern and Western
Alexa – Commercial Co-ordinator
Angela – My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator
Georgia – Commercial Co-ordinator
Julianne – Commercial Co-ordinator
Liseth – Commercial Co-ordinator
Rupinder – Commercial Co-ordinator

Poonam – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator

Makayla – NDIS, My Aged Care & Commercial Co-ordinator



Rose – Audit Administrator

Maeva – Administration Assistant 

When you call Goddess Cleaning Group, chances are you will speak to Maeva.