Having a clean home can reduce your stress. Sound a little left of centre? Consider the following.


The sight of mess.

The sight of mess produces a stress result. Feel your cortisol levels rising the minute you step into your house? It could be the mess – seeing disorganisation and clutter is likely to remind you how much you have to do, and how little time you have to do it in. Especially after a long day and all you want to do is sit down and relax – guilt brings stress too!

Running late.

Ever paid a bill late and had to pay the penalties because you’d forgotten about the bill? Been running late to your children’s sporting or school events because you can’t find a required item? Yep, stress levels up, enjoyment of life down.


Reduce your stress.

A clean house (particularly if engaging a cleaning professional like Domestic Goddess Home Services) reduces your daily stress and helps you enjoy life. If your house is messy, cluttered and making your life harder than it needs be call a Domestic Goddess today and sit down and relax, guilt free!

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