How to choose a cleaner

How do you choose the best cleaner for your home or business? 8 Steps to choosing the right cleaner in your home or office:


  1. Ask for referrals. These days asking for referrals via social media is a great means of finding a good service. Friends and family can easily recommend and help you choose a cleaning service that they have a good relationship with and experience of. speech-1026397_1920
  1. Do you need laundry folded, kids toy rooms cleaned up, cupboards organised? If you need more than a basic clean, communicating your needs will help find the right cleaner that can offer these additional services for you. Goddess Cleaning Group can offer extended cleans to cover additional needs beyond traditional cleans.
  1. Will the cleaning service offer a free consultation in your home or office? Your cleaner needs to be aware of your requirements and expectations prior to commencing. A cleaner that is not willing to consult with you may not provide a good service. Goddess Cleaning Group will have a representative visit the premises to be cleaned to ensure we get it right.
  1. Decide what does and doesn’t need cleaning in your home by the service. Consider what you would like the cleaner to concentrate on, and areas that you are happy to only have a wipe down. Setting your priorities and discussing them means that the cleaner is going to clean your house in a way that pleases you.
  1. Is the cleaning company insured? Whilst any cleaner in your home or business can be expected to take the upmost care with your belongings, accidents can happen. Goddess business-1753098_1280Cleaning Group is fully liability insurance. If something is broken, you are covered.
  1. Does the company follow moral hiring practices? In some instances, cleaners hired can be unskilled and low paid workers with language barriers or educational barriers and pay them a very low hourly rate. Ensure that the company you employ is doing the right thing, and not taking advantage of workers. Goddess Cleaning Service is an equal opportunity employer – we are more than happy to discuss our ethical hiring standards with you.
  1. Be wary of price. Cheap does not often equal quality. If a cleaning service is cheaper, it is probably for a reason.
  1. Ask for a guarantee. If your not happy, get it fixed. You have a right to an expectation of a high level of service. Goddess Cleaning Group, Amazing results, Guaranteed!

Goddess Cleaning Group can offer the peace of mind of a free on location consultation, has full liability insurance and follows ethical hiring practices. In addition to traditional cleans, we also offer extended cleans and speciality cleans. We offer a tailoring service to suit your personal requirements. We have many happy customers that refer clients to us everyday and who we are eternally thankful for!

If you would like to receive a quote on your premises and receive your individual consultation, call or message us today: