Spring Cleaning, De-Clutter with Goddess Cleaning Group

With Spring just around the corner, the traditional ‘Spring Clean’ is on many people’s minds. Ideally, De-Cluttering is not an annual process, but one processed slowly and methodically, room by room on a regular basis. However, ma
ny people do not cherish cleaning, or clearing and form an understandable emotional tie to objects and ‘things’. So here are a few helpful tips to help you along on your way.

Remember also, with the services of a professional cleaner such as Domestic Goddess, keeping clutter to a minimum is far easier – specify a small de-cluttering project per week, and the resulting reduction in clutter will be huge, no need for the ‘Spring Clean’. Or alternatively, when things have slipped by and mess has caught up on you, Domestic Goddess can arrange a once off clean to help cull the mess and get you back on track.

De-Cluttering Tips

Tip 1: Give away items. At times outgrown clothes, clothes that you bought with good intentions – but are never going to wear, gifts that are not quite ‘you’ and much more gathers in cupboards, and spare rooms and any spare storage space. Gather them up, put them in a garbage bag – and visit your local charity or relative or friend as suits. Instant karma, instant space saver.

Tip 2: Do the hanger test on your wardrobe and give away all you don’t wear in six months. To do the wardrobe test, turn all your hangers backwards. As clothes are worn, turn them around. After a period of six months, if hangers are worn – it would appear unlikely that you are going to wear it again. Find it a new home!

Tip 3: Write a list of cluttered areas that need attention. Schedule each area as a project one by one. Don’t be tempted to do it all in a day. Make achievable small changes that are achievable to keep up long term.

Tip 4:  When de-cluttering, try the four box method. Set up four boxes. As you sort, place items in boxes for the rubbish, to give away, to keep, or to relocate.

Tip 5: Don’t let clutter become emotional. Clutter can catch up on as due to our emotional connection to objects, and once the clutter starts to overwhelm a space, Anxiety holds us back from clearing it and the problem grows. If you cannot separate emotion from need, or if clutter has reached a stage that you don’t think you can clear yourself, engage someone else to do this for you. They can objectively categorise need from want and clear your mess in no time.

Domestic Goddess’s are expert in de-cluttering. If you need help getting back on top with your Spring Cleaning, call us today.


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