Cleaners see all sorts of things when they attend your home. For a largest part, it comes with the job and there is a reasonable expectation from you, the client that this should be ok. However, just like you like to go to work in a nice environment, and are more likely to feel valued and want to stay for an employer, your cleaner also appreciates some consideration. So how can you ensure your cleaner is loyal and happy in providing you this service?

Following is a few helpful guides on staying PC for your home helpers:

The Gross Out Factors:

  • Blood, mucous, vomit, faecal matter. As other people’s bodily fluids are probably somewhat off-putting to you, so are yours to others. Some consideration in ensuring that bodily fluids from accidents or otherwise are not left for the cleaner. This will ensure that your cleaner can concentrate on cleaning your home. Bodily fluids can present a health hazard to those working in your home, removing them ensures health and safety for your cleaner. Domestic Goddess wishes to provide your cleaner with a safe and pleasant work place environment at all times.


  • Part time workforce. Many cleaners have chosen and undertake this particular job as it suits the part time workforce. Many are women with family commitments that their attendance in your home needs to fit in around. While every endeavour is made to make a time that fits in with your commitments also, be aware that many house cleaners are also juggling multiple obligations.
  • Last minute cancellations can leave your cleaner without livelihood. Your regular scheduled clean is unlikely to be able to be filled at the last minute, leaving a part time worker without regular income.

Be Realistic

  • Have reasonable expectations. While your cleaner does not have other distractions to take care of in your home that may affect you such as children, phone calls and so on, the time it takes you to clean a toilet, is the time it takes to clean a toilet. If you want a good job done, allow enough time for your cleaner to complete the job without expecting land speed records. You can either have a good cleaning job or a cheap cleaning job. A rushed cleaner is unable to provide you with a good clean. Domestic Goddess prides itself in providing you with a quality clean.


  • Your cleaner wants hear from you if your not happy. Many home owners will secretly ‘correct’ issues after their cleaner has left. Your cleaner wants to make you happy in your home. It’s part of their job satisfaction. If your cleaner regularly misses something in their cleaning that dissatisfies you, your cleaner would rather hear that constructive feedback. They will do a better job for you. Not knowing why they are switched off a job and you having to start your co-working relationship with a new cleaner is a disadvantage to both you and your cleaner. Domestic Goddess is always available for discussion regarding any issues you have with your cleaner if you do not feel comfortable discussing directly.


  • Smoking, strong smells and drug use. While part of your cleaners job is to provide you a service without judgement, and while smoking in your house, using substances etc is your lifestyle choice, please have some consideration that these may bother your cleaner. Please uphold etiquettes as you would at your own job.


  • Just as you may have allergies in your household, so too may your cleaner. If you have been advised that your cleaner has a particular allergy, please be accommodating in providing suitable cleaning provisions for them. If you are unable to accommodate the allergy – which may be the case with pets etc., you may need to request a different and more suitable cleaner. Domestic Goddess will be able to advise you on the best cleaner to suit you in this case.

A happy cleaner makes a happy home!

Please remember that Domestic Goddess always strives to provide you with the highest level of service. We are always happy to receive your feedback and hope for a long, and mutually beneficial relationship with our cleaners. To speak to us today call 03 9755 8360.