Does your workspace look like a bomb site?

You are not alone, in a busy workday schedule, your desk often becomes a neglected site of refuse food, piles of paperwork and discarded stationary.

Why that needs to change

You may think that the messy desk makes you look productive, but it actually has the opposite effect, discouraging productivity and raising the potential for errors in your work.

It also lowers morale, affects the workplace culture, looks unprofessional and affects your companies brand and image.

It can even make you sick! That food on the desk spreads not just grease and mess, but also becomes a breeding ground for the spread of bacterial organisms. Time between wipe downs also raises the risk of viral spread from one person to another, especially when using shared desk resources.

For these reasons it is important to maintain a clean workspace.

Tips for maintaining a clean workspace

The benefits of a clean and tidy workspace are clear, boost the brand image, increase your morale and productivity, stop the spread of illness in its tracks. So how can you maintain a clean workspace?

  • Improve the culture –  This comes under lead by example, ensure management keeps things clean and tidy, and encourages their teams to follow suit. A good leader can easily enact cultural change.
  • Set standards – For those employees where cleanliness is not a natural state, they are unlikely to change unless its made clear they need to. As with a dress code, enforce codes of cleaning and tidiness. Suddenly those not so keen to clean will be taking pride in their clean workstation as ‘a job done right’ different people have different motivators.
  • Make it nice – Adding some aesthetically pleasing pieces, pot plants, nice lighting, fresh and bright colours will encourage staff and management alike to take pride in their surroundings. The nicer it is a place to be, the nicer they are likely to keep it.
  • Bring in the professionals – Any cleaning routine needs a regular booster to set the standard of maintenance. To ensure your workspaces and offices are kept clean on a regular basis, schedule weekly visits from a specialist commercial cleaner with the right tools to set the standard of excellence with a brilliant clean.

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