How to have your look clean, with minimal effort

9 Essential tips from the cleaning experts on how to make a room feel clean in between your Domestic Cleaning Group visits!messy toys

Many of us have a professional clean no more than once a week, but you know how it goes. Two minutes after your return to a clean home or office, you turn around, and somehow the mess fairy has snuck in and left clutter and mess all over the joint. What to do? Life Hack it, some small steps will keep you comfortable until your next clean.

  • Pick up big items lying around. For minimal effort, it makes everything look clearer quickly
  • Stacks of paper your not ready to tackle yet (bills, we are looking at you!) Pile them! Instant neat
  • Toys hanging around? The old stuff in a cupboard or draw works a treat (even better, have designated tubs for them and throw them in)
  • Messy desks? Filing trays and draws, fill them – papers in one, stationary and mess in the other
  • Order your clothes. Separate dirty from clean, dirty goes in a basket, clean at least in a pile to be loaded in your cupboard
  • De-clutter surfaces in your main area
  • Throw rubbish in the rubbish bin. If trash piles up in particular areas – add a bin – its easier than carrying junk back and forward and more likely to happenclean room
  • Tidy your bed. Were not talking hospital corners here, but 2 seconds to throw your doona level in the morning starts your day off on the right foot
  • Deodorise litter trays (available from supermarkets) – keeps odours rosey for longer! Also works on teenagers rooms….

And the last step…have Goddess Cleaning Group come regularly so that you can get by with a few little life hack in-between cleans!