Stacey Barrass, founder and managing director of Goddess Cleaning Group believes each cleaning job is unique, and a one size fits all cleaning schedule most certainly does not fit most. Every business, office, site, display or home has different priorities.  Cost is most likely the last factor you should consider, but value for money is at a services very core.


Picking a service based on price alone is risky

You need to ask what value a cleaner brings to you. Avoid putting a specific cost driven tag on a service. Will the cleaner with the lowest bottom dollar represent good value to you in terms of flexibility of when they can come, if they can be trusted with sensitive information or personal items? Will the job be sloppy, inconsistent, thorough?

Will the clean they do be based on a rigid set of basics such as floors, bathroom surfaces and kitchen benches, but not bother with those niggly things that make all the difference to the finish of the clean, such as tidying a pile of paper left out, aligning items on your bench. The little things may only take a brief amount of time to complete, but psychologically make a big difference to you feeling that the office or home is ‘clean’ and that you don’t have to go in to tidy after your cleaner before things are done and you can relax.

Do you feel like you need to clean up before your cleaner comes? Odds on, your trying to make up the difference between a cheap cleaner and a good cleaner and subconsciously do part of their job for them to alleviate the cost! Goddess Cleaning Service is a premium house cleaning service – we do a good job, not a quick one.

Stacey will visit you prior to providing pricing for good reason . There is need to know what your priorities are, what makes the difference between an average clean – and one that leaves you amazed.


What do you need from your clean?

What do you need from your clean? Desks wiped, or all paperwork aligned, piled and stationary placed away in draws? Stairs vacuumed, Or swept, and the timber mouldings dusted? Collective grime on kick plates that you never think to get to. Could your cleaner keep an eye on it? Goddess Cleaning Services needs to hear these nuisances from you, it means we can do the job right!
Visiting you and having a good casual discussion about those things that drive you crazy is constructive. It leads a detailed list of what your needs and expectations are. This then creates a detailed list for your cleaner. They can then deliver on quality every time, every clean.
Will a cleaner you pick of the internet because they’re website looks promising deliver on this service? Without knowing you, all it is is guess work and your business, office, site, display or home is the experiment.
Speak to Goddess Services today and take away the guess work.