Goddess Cleaning Group Specialises in Commercial Cleaning

While domestic and commercial cleaning may have some common elements, there are many differences, which require specialist attention. The following is an example of what Goddess Cleaning Group can offer you. Goddess Cleaning Group creates a personalised checklist during a preliminary meeting to ensure your individual requirements are met, so if you need something different from the typical – we can ensure we do that too! Customer satisfaction is our number one aim.

Many companies find a weekly clean suffices, however we are happy to offer both daily and more in-depth monthly cleans for your commercial premises.

Daily Cleans

  • Collect and dispose of any items such as general debris or papers left on floors
  • Empty cubicle bins if required
  • Spot clean any tea/ food or other stains to carpets, floors, kickboards or walls.
  • Tidy common eating areas, dispose of discarded food debris, empty bins to control odours
  • Sanitise toilets
  • Sanitise tap and sink areas of toilets

Weekly Cleans

  • Dust all desks and office surfaces (shelving, filing cabinets)
  • Empty all cubicle bins
  • Empty common area bins
  • Sanitise phone receivers
  • Wipe down desks
  • Tidy unkempt desk areas (re-stacking papers, arranging stationary items)
  • Vacuum/Sweep & Mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum all covered floors
  • Clean all toilets
  • Clean all bathroom surfaces (counter tops, sinks, dispensers
  • Re-fill soap, toilet roll, and air freshener dispensers

Monthly Cleans

  • Vacuuming heating/cooling/fans vents in ceilings (within reach) or recessed in floors
  • Wipe down on desk edges/ vertical surfaces of cubicles, shelves, filing cabinets
  • Buff hard floors
  • Wood polish to any wooden desks
  • Clean insides of windows to remove general marks
  • Replace any insect control disks or similar used in premises (no chemical applications)