Not many people are willing cleaners, and often hate cleaning altogether. Even those you may consider ‘clean freaks’ rarely enjoy the process – merely see the need in benefit and need to do so. Goddess Cleaning Group recruits, trains and values the select few that love cleaning, not just their own homes, but yours too!

When your heart isn’t in it

There is a mindset that helps our cleaners love cleaning, their hearts are in it! Leaving a home in order and clean upon finishing a home or business gives our staff great satisfaction. So what happens to your home when your heart isn’t in it?

The two types of people that hate cleaning

Remedial Cleaners

Remedial cleaners find themselves spending large chunks of time cleaning up messes caused my accumulation of time. Such cleaners may find themselves spending entire days ‘Spring Cleaning’ because friends are coming over on the weekend, or filing expansive amounts of paper – because you can’t find that bill you need to pay, or doing 10 loads of washing and ironing in one weekend – because their is nothing left to wear.

Maintenance Cleaners

Maintenance cleaners know they need to stay on top of things before they loose a child in the piles of rubbish……but do just enough to get by. Maintenance cleaners do regular scheduled cleans which still allows build up of clutter over time, but keeps things reasonably ‘nice’. Why spend your life cleaning right? These cleaners will tend to use some life hacking tips such as a weekly bleach or soap scum spray in the shower, will vacuum and mop around once a week and stays on top of dishes and washing on a semi-daily basis.

The One type of person that loves cleaning (come join our team!)

The Immediate Cleaner

The Immediate cleaner knows that I mess left is a mess increased. Spills left attract pests such as ants, water in showers attracts mould, and letting shoes on in the house increases the time it takes you to clean the floors, and accumulated cooking grease gets harder and harder to remove as it accumulates. The immediate cleaner is on to it! They will towel down the shower after using it, no shoe shall pass on their floors! Dishes are cleaned and stored as they are used, spills mopped immediately. Grease on the stove top after preparing dinner? A 1 minute wipe down makes sure no hard to remove grease builds up in the first place.


Which type of cleaner are you? If you answered Remedial or Maintenance, maybe a cleaning service is for you.