When selling your house, preparation is key

Selling your house can be a busy time. There are a number of duties to attend to prior to putting your house on the market to achieve maximum sales.

  1. Clean, neat and presentable.  Now of course as a cleaning company, we are always going to see the value of a clean home. When selling a home however, a clean, neat and presentable house is going to achieve more interest than a dirty, messy and cluttered one. In this handy guide by real estate.com.au here: 10 ways to prepare your home for sale, take notice of the details. Including windows, window furnishings, baseboards, appliances and contents of cupboards.
  2. Present and stage your home for the emotional buyer. Emotion sells a lot of homes. MSONY DSCake sure your furnishings and arrangements hit the right note to make the buyers fall in love!
  3. Identify any upkeep and damages that need repairing. Ensure that when the prospective buyer tests that tap…(and some do), it works!
  4. Odour control. Be aware of musty and pet smells, they are off putting and take away from the emotional vision of the perfect home you are trying to present. Avoid air fresheners as this irritates many. Opt for natural smells such as airing as much as possible, low scented candles, cinnamon, vanilla and baking smells. Be sure to remove the evidence before prospective buyers arrive though.
  5. Neutralise where possible. That hip chic red wall might be just you…but it may not be the perso
    n who buys your home. Many buyers will want to visualise what they can do to the house to make it theirs. Painting is an easy and cheap investment to help you on your way.
  6. Clean or replace flooring. If your carpet is worn out, the potential buyer sees an expensive project that will drop your price. Getting your floors professionally cleaned will help present them at their best. It may even be worth replacing old flooring.
  7.  Have your door put its best foot forward. Its the first thing they will see. Ensure it is clean, nicely painted, and works perfectly. Set the tone for the rest of the house to come!