It’s something we all have to do – We’ve been trained since young to establish tidy and clean routines, but for the most part people hate cleaning.

Why do we hate cleaning?

Well there is a number of things that makes the process less than enjoyable.






The Stimulated Life

Most of us are plugged in to one device or another daily. Some of us a little too much. Facebook, the tv always running, twitter, emails, iPad browsing. Our brains have grown used to the constant light, movement and stimulation of the online world. Cleaning? Pah, it doesn’t give us pretty moving lights, no interaction or information back to our busy busy brains.

Tip: Try to use your cleaning time as ‘unplugged’ down time, you may enjoy it more!

Life on repeat

Ever feel like its ground hog day with cleaning? Your not alone. Particularly with children and pets in the house.  By the time you have finished cleaning, its about time to turn around and start again! It’s hard to look forward something that repeats so often. It reduces the sense of reward we feel for achieving a clean home, and the dread sets in ‘Not this again’.

Tip: Shake up your weekly routine. Be it before or after daily activities, a different day.  Break it up over a number of days so it doesn’t take so long . Or simply start from the opposite end of the house! Anything that breaks the feeling of monotony will help.

Feeling Down

This one should not be underrated. Many of us will have days where we just can’t be bothered, and the house slips in priority. This perfectly ok.  But if you find yourself always struggling to find the energy to tidy and clean, this could be a sign of depression or anxiety. A feeling of lack of enjoyment, not engaging in life, persistent lack of motivation can be signs of a mental health cause. This would also tend to extend to other areas of your life. There are also other mental disorders which others may interpret as a dislike of cleaning. This includes Cognitive Tempo Disorder & Hording.

Tip: If you are feeling down, or have a mental illness that is affecting your ability to do daily activities, please seek medical advice via your GP or Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636

Work /life misbalance

Modern life has us busier than ever. Expectations of work life are increasing, work comes home with us. Work hours are often longer. Our children have more homework and extra curricular activities. There are only so many hours in the day, and all these things are a priority before you even think about cleaning the house.

Tip: Try to make work life decisions that favour some down time, jobs with reasonable hours, limit children’s activities, talk candidly with schools that you feel place to much pressure on children outside of school. If you can’t realistically improve your work/ life balance, and for many it is hard, hire a Goddess Cleaning Group service, we are here to help!