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Commercial cleaning made easy!

Tired of hearing complaints regarding the sub standard of cleaning in your office? Looking for a cleaner who actually listens to your needs and follows through to ensure those needs are met consistently?
We are here for you. This is what we DO!

We are committed to ensure everyone understands our passion for cleaning, by delivering guaranteed outcomes for our clients. This ensures that everyone is living and working in a clean, happy, healthy environment.

Transparency and openness are core beliefs to ensure we continue to lead the mindset change within the cleaning industry by providing evidence that ethically paid, highly skilled teams, who work with passion will provide all clients with amazing results, guaranteed.

From small beginnings as a solo house cleaner, Stacey Barrass embarked on a journey to provide for her family after a challenging period of domestic violence and disadvantage. Her desire to put food on her table and keep a roof over the heads of her young 3 boys, pushed her to embarked on a path of life re-building and financial self support.

Today, we believe that everyone in the world deserves that same opportunity to change their life by receiving a hand-up through supportive, flexible, empathetic employment. We work together with other organisations within our local community to support individuals from disadvantage and domestic violence backgrounds.

We bring these warriors into our tribe, fill their confidence cup, re-build their self esteem and encourage them to soar. Supporting our tribe to create their family with a financially viable future, drives us to become a world leader in supportive employment. Our commitment to training, upskilling and cross-skilling is paramount for their ability to lead their family of out of the vicious cycle that is disadvantage.


Your place of work is the face of your organisation. It creates an immediate impression for business visitors, and has the ability to motivate or de-motivate your staff as well!


Your site office is the heart of any building site, keep it dust and mud free.

Display Home

Keep your biggest selling asset, your display homes, in pristine condition to create that ‘wow’ factor for visitors.


Detailed cleans and handover cleans ensure that the site is always in the best state to allow stages to continue and be handed over to its owner in pristine condition on time.

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