The heart of the business: Our story

My name is Stacey, this cleaning company is my service to my community, and to you. My business story starts from small beginnings as a solo house cleaner. 

I first started this initiative to provide for my family after rescuing myself from domestic violence and disadvantage. My dedication to putting food on the table and keep a roof over the heads of my three young boys pushed me to find ways to rebuild and gain financial independence.

Becoming a house cleaner became the single-most empowering step I took in my life. It was the start of something bigger than me. Something that uplifts and empowers others, too. 

Today, I believe that everyone in the world deserves that same opportunity to change their life by receiving a hand-up through supportive, flexible, empathetic employment. I work together with other organisations within our local community to support individuals from disadvantage and domestic violence backgrounds. This is the heart of the business: to empower those who are determined to rise but need a hand with that first step. We are that step. 

We bring these warriors into our tribe, rejuvenate their confidence and rebuild their self-esteem, remind them that they can, and deserve, to thrive. We give our tribe the means to create a financially viable future for their family. This sense of purpose drives us to become a world-leader in supportive employment. We don’t only assist through employment. 

Part of our work involves training, upskilling and cross-skilling of our tribe’s members, we believe this is paramount to their ability to lead their family out of the vicious cycle of disadvantage. When you join our community as a client, you’re part of this, too!


Your place of work is the face of your organisation. It creates an immediate impression for business visitors, and has the ability to motivate or demotivate your staff as well!


Your site office is the heart of any building site. Stay productive by focusing on the revenue-generating tasks while we keep your industrial premises dust and mud-free.

Display Home

Display homes have to stay immaculate, and we specialise in making it so. Keep your biggest selling asset, your display homes, in pristine condition to create that ‘wow’ factor for visitors. 


We work alongside the NDIS as one of your plan’s service providers. We understand how frustrating it can be to get the services you require – we are PASSIONATE about being accessible and deliver promised outcomes.

My Aged Care

We provide an exceptional service to the senior members of our society. We value you and we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and empowered in your home by keeping it immaculately clean. 


Detailed cleans and handover cleans ensure that the site is always in the best state to allow stages to continue and be handed over to its owner in pristine condition, on time.

Amazing Results – Guaranteed

There’s more to this business than the excellence and the consistent results our clients love us for. There’s also a whole lot of heart behind it – our business is entirely built around a community-centric approach to service. 

It’s about the people – the individuals and the businesses we serve, as well as the hands behind the results.