How to declutter and organise your work space

How do you keep workspaces clean and functional? Organising offices in a particular way go a long to help keeping them clean and organised. For many, the traditional workspace of one desk, one worker is waning. Instead making way for Co-sharing spaces, home offices, remote working and hot desks. Working in some of these non permanent scenarios means that desk space must remain clear and productive at all times.

There are a few aspects to the office to help facilitate movement, productivity and cleanliness.

adjustable infrastructure.

Movable desks to allow for collaborating and working groups, height adjustable chairs, typing trays, screens on adjustable arms, footrests….All these aspects of design ensure that desk spaces are practical for use.

2. Streamline the office

What equipment gets used all the time? You may be surprised how little it is. The balance of items are clutter and nuisance. One way to avoid work stations becoming messy is to reduce what ‘lives’ on the desks to the basics. For the less often used items, away in a central cupboard is a good spot. With less items to organise on each space, tidying becomes less of a chore.

3. Keep on top of it

In some scenarios such as co-working and hot desks this is a given, what ever you bought with you is what you take with you. This can however be extended to any work space and is an efficient way of keeping work spaces clean and tidy. At the completion of the day, spend a few minutes reorganising and filing. Keeping on top of the mess means less large scale decluttering sessions that take a lot of time.

4. A space for everything and everything in its space

Organisers such as pen holders, folders, and filing compartments breaks a big daunting amount of ‘things’ down into small ones, making it easier to return the item to its right ‘home’ and not be left around.

5. Food free zone

Removing food from desks has advantages. One is cleanliness and spills. Keyboards, screens and desk edges all get messy from grease and grime from food waste. Having staff take time out from their desks also has the added bonus of refreshing and motivating staff and allowing their eyes to re-focus away from a screen and tense muscles relax – it’s good for your staff health.

6. Back up your workers tidy with a regular deep clean

Hiring a weekly cleaner ensures that rubbish and grime can never accumulate. As with ‘keep on top of it’, hiring a cleaner ensures that the office will always be 100% healthy, happy and clear while not totally relying on staff to clean and tidy (they will only maintain so much). Goddess Cleaning Group are experts in cleaning and decluttering professional workspaces, guaranteed quality results. Call today to get a quote for your office.