Wafty lunch rooms, over ripe bins? Generally unfresh smelling office spaces?

Does your business stink?  Your not alone. Food in bins, toilet smells, mixed odours from lunchrooms, mix it all together, trap it in a poorly ventilated room, and welcome to smell city. There are four reasons odour can be more of a challenge in the professional space

1) Cultural Diverse Staff

While having culturally diverse staff is a work place can be a big boon in terms of business success (think different people being able to bring varied ideas to the table) it can also mean bringing together a culturally diverse range of foods, of which smells intermingle at times in less than pleasant ways.

2) I’m here to work, not look after bin hygiene

Unlike in their own homes (well, mostly – not everyone is super clean anywhere!) staff are unlikely to feel any responsibility for the maintenance of cleaning standards in your business – think stinky food wastage in desk side bins. Nor should they! Your staff are making your business a success when they are working in the business, not taking out the trash. Result = stinky office space

3) Rest Rooms

This ones a given, add a toilet area into a mostly sealed office space, and the result is less than pleasant!

4) Shut in

Staleness is likely to set into the odours of your professional space.  Many have limited opening windows as operate climate control systems. Unlike the standard homes – office space is far harder to ventilate and ‘freshen up’. Every evening at knock off time. The doors are shut, over weekends and holiday times for extended periods of time, resulting in stale, unhealthy air and odours.



Clean the Air

Avoid air fresheners where possible. Although a great short term fix in restrooms, the end result is often worse – cheap smelly freshener odour and the original smell! Air fresheners can also exacerbate asthma. A better solution? Regular carpet vacuuming to catch the smells that have settled, and plants. There are plenty of air friendly indoor plants that will help clean air and remove odours.

Clean the Source

If the toilets are wafty, they need a clean. Same goes with stinky bins! A regular cleaning service can provide the needed support that your business needs to stay on top of these odour issues, with the added bonus that your staff can keep doing what they are good at.

Regular Upkeep

A regular weekly schedule can have your business as fresh as a daisy and ready to put its best foot forward – ready for staff and customers to come and enjoy!  An office space that people enjoy being in, will be more profitable for the business. Goddess Cleaning Group office will having you smell as sweet.