Cleaning for leaving a property when moving

You’ve found a new house, and your packed and ready to moving to a different rental. Whether you’ve been their only a few months, or ten years – the grime you can find once belongings are removed can be considerable.

Tight time lines

Moving house is often done to very tight deadlines – you may need your vacated property ready for inspection by the owner or agent while you are still moving and settling in your new property. This can be a bit of a nightmare, and having your old property clean enough to receive your bond back can be a real challenge.


Your property needs to be clean, but how do you get it clean enough in time?!  Goddess Cleaning Group is here to help you get your bond back when you’re ready move.  We know your time is precious and your stress levels high, So Goddess Cleaning Group can take care of this important detail to help make sure you get your bond back in full.


What you need to know.

At times, property agents and owners of rental properties can be quite particular about the state in which their property is left, after all property is a large investment. Normal wear and tear of a property is part of the natural depreciation process and does not affect the return of your bond. Such items as carpet wearing and curtain fading along with lived in nicks and marks should not receive penalty. However, do check any rental agreements that you have signed on acceptance of the property – as this may stipulate particular requirements upon exit.

Have what you need cleaned to get your bond back

If your rental agreement has stipulations with specific cleaning requirements, Goddess Cleaning Group can take care of these for you. We can forward a copy to your professional cleaner on your behalf to make sure each item is checked off.  In general the following items are completed as part of a vacate clean:

  • Cleaning of windows – inside, external to first floor only
  • Oven
  • All fan exhausts (rangehood, bathrooms, laundry)
  • Walls, window sills, architraves and skirting boards
  • Internals to all cupboards
  • Bathroom fixtures, fittings and surfaces including mirrors
  • Kitchen fixtures, fittings and surfaces
  • De-web spiders
  • Remove marks as much as possible from walls
  • Lightshades cleaned or dusted
  • All floors mopped and vacuumed
  • No personal property left behind


If you would like to learn more about Goddess Cleaning Groups bond cleaning services, give us a call us now on (03) 9755 8360 or request a quote today and let us help you receive your bond back in full – and make your move as easy as possible.