General domestic home cleaning services are very different to Builders Cleans. As opposed to your weekly upkeep of the dirt and debris of everyday living, a builders clean is designed to enable building works to continue, and to present the completed works to the owner upon completion.

The Building process is messy! Grout, Paint, Plaster dust, Caulking, Refuse from trades lunches and snacks can all get in the way of further works. To Keep on top of these issues interfering with your schedule of works, Goddess Cleaning Service can complete a Initial Clean

By the time works are almost done, as a Builder you need to present the property to the future owners for their final inspection. Final inspections will pick up faults in the build and presentation, so a Detailed Clean is needed.

After all the completions of touch ups and fixes have been completed, the building process has normally caused some refuse and mess issues once more with additional grout, paint, plaster dust and more once again affecting the presentation of the property. With the investment almost ready to be handed over to the new owners, and with your reputation and client satisfaction in mind, a Final Clean gets the picture perfect clean ready to be moved in.

Goddess Cleaning Group offers a personalised checklist at each stage. This list can be divided by rooms, ensurng the completed works are guaranteed to be complete, to an amazing standard. Goddess Cleaning Groups understands that providing flexibility is of high importance, with the needs of every builder being different.

Choosing Goddess Cleaning Group to provide your professional Builders cleans to your requirements is as easy as picking up the phone or  requesting a quote today.