Construction & Builders Cleaning Melbourne

As a builder, your reputation lies on the product you deliver.

Not just four walls and a roof, but delivering a dream.  To the families, couples and people who have invested their future earnings (30 years! this is how much this means to them!) in achieving that dream, the house is emotion, it is future promise, it is memories yet to come.

As the builder delivering on all these implied promises, its a hard expectation to reach!

There is one thing you can do to  deliver that dream and all its positive anticipation:

Have their investment handed over sparkling clean

Impressions most certainly count. If the new property is dusty, dirty or has builders refuse anywhere in sight, a little bit of the new owners dream dies – and so does a little bit of your reputation. Instead of receiving those keys with a rush of excitement, a negative association both with the house and your company starts to grow.

At times this can result in social media backlash – complaints you have no input in fixing before all their friends and family know (often in an exaggerated manner) the negative experience they have had.

Other times it results in multiple call backs to fix up little messes – a strain on site managers time that could be avoided with a positive hand over and relationship.

A perfectly clean can new home helps build this relationship.

How can Goddess Services Help?

Domestic goddess services offers initial, detailed cleans and handover cleans to ensure that the site is always in the best state. Our cleaning standards are exceptional, on time and to budget. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we don’t just hire cleaners, we comprehensively train specialists.

Your construction and building specialist will have experience in delivering a sparkling clean new home. Ensuring the handing over of the keys is a time of joy for the new owners.

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