Vinegar – The cheap alternative cleaning product for your home

Some households have a cupboard full of commercially made cleaners with titles such as ‘window cleaner’or ‘bathroom and vanity cleaner’ and ‘carpet stain remover’ and so on and on and on. There’s a product marketed to every corner of every room for your every need and desire. Not only are many of these labels misleading in that they are often more or less the same product, but due to their ‘targeted’ cleaning expertise – and of course brand, they attract a significant mark up also. $5 for a half litre of any cleaner is not uncommon, $10 for a carpet stain remover easily spent.

One cleaner to rule them all….

One cheap alternative to replace many of the specialised cleaners in your cupboard and save you a packet of money at the same time is good old white vinegar. 3

  • Stain removal from carpet? Tick
  • Remove grime from taps and tapware? Tick
  • Refresh your loo? Tick
  • Also it can kill germs in your bathroom. Tick
  • And its real strong suit? Cleaning those windows. A couple of tablespoons of white vinegar in a spray bottle of water. Streak free shine as a result.
  • In addition, white vinegar is fantastic for refreshing your laundry! Commercial fabric softeners  build up in your washing machine, as a result causing it to clean less efficiently. Fabric softeners can also cause towels to repel rather than absorb water, the opposite of what most would expect, completely counter intuitive. You guessed it – White vinegar to the rescue. Clean, fresh, fluffy and absorbent towels.

Available literally from your loose change for several litres at a time and up to four times less in price or more for some other products! Add white vinegar a try in your cleaning arsenal and be prepared to be impressed at its cleaning prowess!

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