Have you ever really considered the costs involved in taking on a cleaner? We like to be as transparent as possible with our pricing structure, and the value you receive.

Employment Costs

The Fair Work Commission announces the annual wage increase on 1st July, each year, this increase must be passed onto our employees. Goddess Cleaning Group has absorbed these costs for the first six months, every year for the past five years.

Your Liability

Goddess Cleaning Group ensures all police checks and working with children checks (where required) have taken place for each employee before they step foot in your home or office. Our team members are also fully insured by public liability ($20mil) and Work Cover. Our insurance transfers the risks and associated costs from you in the event of accidental damage or injury.

The Future of the Industry

The cleaning industry has undergone many changes over the years and continues to change. Homeowners’ are moving towards a greener and more sustainable clean. Goddess Cleaning Group prides itself on our knowledge and use of green products, with this comes a large amount of retraining for our individual team members coming from the commercial sector.


As with all industries, research (both in products and equipment) and legislative changes can largely vary training procedures with short notice. A large amount of resources is put into our training program both occurring on and off site.

Our Team

Cleaning can be at times physically demanding, recognition of hard working employees in the cleaning industry is often unheard of. Our team members are valuable to our business and we ensure they receive full benefits and fair pay.