Trend 1) Paying for the good stuff

Neilsen surveys indicate that customers value cleaning performance over cost (61%). Good brand reputation means customers are prepared to spend extra money for extra performance from their cleaning products. This is reflected in the cleaning product markets diverse range of product offerings, with value added features.

Trend 2) We are still time poor

There is a growing trend to outsource the cleaning of workplace facilities, holding true that the economy remains competitive. Convenience in services remains highly important to businesses. For these businesses to remain competitive in the market, the outsourcing of business cleaning tasks is growing. Companies such as Goddess Cleaning Group are taking on a growing area of commercial cleaning, providing convenient and more efficient services to the sector.

Trend 3) Green Cleaning

Over all sectors, the awareness of green cleaning, or nontoxic cleaning is growing. Many cleaning products are moving with this sector awareness, offering eco-friendly products. This includes cleaners with a higher concentration (use less and reduce your carbon foot print), recycled, recyclable or sustainable packaging, and organic ingredients. Some chemicals which are linked with illness and allergies are being phased out of products as awareness of this area grows. Goddess Cleaning Group can also offer less toxic alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon as great cleaning alternatives.

Trend 4) Beyond Clean

Cleaning is moving beyond facility cleaning being on the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the cleaning basics (floors, kitchens, toilets), cleaning is starting to consider the impact a workplace has on all senses; sight, smell, touch and feel. Customers now look towards a complete offering of fragranced air, mindfully tidied interiors with aesthetic placements, and air cleansing plants included as part of facilities, adding the human factor back into cleaning. Goddess Cleaning Services can offer value added service.


Goddess Cleaning Group understands facility cleaning and offers innovative service to provide a complete and stunning result every time. Goddess Cleaning service offers free on-site assessments to ensure we provide the best cleaning solutions to suit your business or facility. Call today for more information.

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